In the event a property owner, ordered to effect repairs, renovations, or alterations as described in this chapter, is required thereby to enter into an upon the property of another, the property cannot be entered until the party shall first obtain permission of the property owner, and by the entry shall be deemed as responsible for all reasonable damages caused to the property by reason of the entry and repairs made; should permission to so enter the property to make the ordered repairs, renovations, or alterations, be refused by the property owner, the party shall so advise the Building Inspector in writing and the Building Inspector shall attempt to negotiate an agreement between the parties; if within ten days an agreement cannot be negotiated, the property owner refusing permission to enter shall be deemed to be in violation of the provisions of this chapter by contributing to the unsafe and hazardous conditions thereof and shall be subject to the penalties provided herein, the same as if guilty as a principal offender.
('76 Code, § 210.13)  (Ord. 871-1967, passed -  -  )
Penalty, see § 151.99
Cross reference:
   See Nuisance, § 94.04