(A)   If the owner of a dwelling or other building fails to comply with the order of the Building Inspector to repair, alter, improve, vacate, close, remove, or demolish the dwelling, dwelling unit, or building, the Building Inspector may cause the dwelling, dwelling unit, or building to be repaired, altered, or improved, or to be vacated, closed, removed, or demolished.  The Building Inspector may cause to be posted on the main entrance, a placard with the following words:
"This building is unfit for human habitation or other use; the use or occupation of this building for human habitation or other use after ___________ is unlawful and is prohibited."
   (B)   No person shall deface or remove the placard or other notice required hereunder from any dwelling, dwelling unit, rooming house, rooming unit, or building.  The Building Inspector shall cause the placard to be removed whenever the defects upon which the placard action was based have been corrected or removed.
   (C)   The amount of the cost of the repairs, alterations, improvements, vacating, closing, removal, or demolition by the Building Inspector, including the cost of advertising and publication of notices, shall be the personal debt and liability of the owner or owners and shall be a lien against the real property upon which the cost was incurred.  The cost shall place against the property upon the city's property books and may be collected, and the liens may be foreclosed, in the same manner as taxes and tax liens are collected and foreclosed, or by other civil suit or process.  If the dwelling, dwelling unit, or building and shall credit the proceeds of the sale against the cost of removal or demolition, and any balance remaining shall be deposited to the Circuit Court by the Building Inspector, shall be secured in the manner as may be directed by the court, and shall be disbursed by the court to the persons found to be entitled thereto by final order or decree of the courts. 
   (D)   Failure on the part of any owner or party in interest to receive or have served upon him any complaint, notice, or order herein provided for, shall not affect or invalidate the proceedings with respect to any other owner or party in interest or of any other person, firm, or corporation.
('76 Code, § 210.06)  Penalty, see § 151.99