All uses within the C-RS Zone shall comply with the development standards contained in this section.
   A.   General Provisions:
      1.   All uses shall be conducted within a fully enclosed building, except:
         a.   Outdoor restaurants, cafes or seating areas, provided they comply with the provisions of section 15-2-16 of this title; and
         b.   Outdoor recreational activities.
      2.   Required on-site parking shall not be allowed between the use and/or building and the front lot line upon which said use or building faces.
      3.   Prior to approval of any development project, all criteria of the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) and trip reduction criteria, as provided for in chapter 16 of this title shall be met.
      4.   Other provisions as required by chapter 2 of this title.
   B.   Lot area: A minimum of 5,000 square feet.
   C.   Height:
      1.   Buildings and structures shall not exceed the height of 45 feet.
      2.   A maximum grade differential of 8 feet is permitted on sloping lots. The vertical height which exceeds the maximum grade differential limit is included in measuring the maximum building height. On sloped lots, a segmented grade plane may be applied to different portions of a building.
      3.   See section 15-2-3 of this title for exceptions to building height.
   D.   Setbacks:
      1.   Front Yard: None required, unless both the C-RS Zone and a residential zone occupy the same block face. In such a case, the setback shall be the same as the residential zone.
      2.   Side Yard: None required, unless the side yard abuts property with a different zone classification, in which case the side yard setback shall be a minimum of 10 feet.
      3.   Rear Yard: None required, unless the following conditions exist:
         a.   If the rear yard adjoins an alley, dedicated street, public right-of-way, or if the primary access is through the rear yard, rear yard setback shall be a minimum of 10 feet; and
         b.   If the rear yard abuts property with a non-commercial zone classification, the rear yard setback shall be a minimum of 10 feet.
   E.   Lot frontage: No minimum requirements.
   F.   Building Area: The total net floor area of all buildings, excluding residential floor area, shall not exceed the total net square footage of the property multiplied by 1.0 or an FAR of one to one (1:1).
   G.   Walls and fences: Walls and fences shall comply with the requirements of chapter 2 of this title.
   H.   Access: All development projects shall provide adequate access and facilities for various modes of transit, as required by the City's Transportation Demand Management Program in chapter 16 of this title. In addition, all development projects shall provide pedestrian access between buildings and transit facilities located on site and/or off site, if within adjoining public rights-of-way. If the building is part of a multi-building development project, then safe and convenient pedestrian access shall be provided between buildings. (Ord. 1648, 6-21-2023)