Subject   Chapter
Title; Interpretation; Definitions   1
General Provisions   2
Zones And Uses   3
Residential Zones   4
Permitted Uses In Residential Zones   4A
Single-Family Residential (R-1) Zone   4B
Two-Family Residential (R-2) Zone   4C
Multi-Family Residential (R-3) Zone   4D
Accessory Dwelling Units   4E
Junior Accessory Dwelling Units   4F
Two-Unit Residential Developments And Urban Lot Splits In Single-Family Residential (R1) Zones   4G
Commercial Zones   5
Permitted Uses In Commercial Zones   5A
Downtown Commercial (C-RS) Zone   5B
Neighborhood Commercial (C-2) Zone   5C
General Commercial (C-3) Zone   5D
Corporate Office (CO) Zone   5E
Urban Mixed Use North (MU-N) Zone   5F
Urban Mixed Use South (MU-S) Zone   5G
Commercial Center (C-4) Zone   5H
Industrial Zones   6
Permitted Uses In Industrial Zones   6A
Light Industrial (M-1) Zone   6B
Heavy Industrial (M-2) Zone   6C
Overlay Districts   7
Medium Density Residential (MDR) Overlay Zone   7A
Multimedia Overlay (MMO) District   7B
Open Space (O-S) Zone   8
Automobile Parking (P) Zone   9
Public Facilities (P-F) Zone   10
Smoky Hollow Specific Plan (Rep. by Ord. 1573, 10-2-2018)   11
Reserved   12
Adult Use Zoning Regulations   13
Assembly Halls   13A
Cannabis-Related Uses And Activities   13B
Micro-Units   13C
Historic Preservation   14
Off Street Parking And Loading Spaces   15
Water Conservation In Landscaping   15A
Developer Transportation Demand Management (TDM)   16
Employer/Occupant Transportation Systems Management   17
Signs   18
Wireless Communication Facilities   19
Transfer Of Development Rights   20
Nonconforming Buildings And Uses   21
Administrative Determinations, Administrative Use Permits, And Adjustments   22
Director Discretionary Decisions   23
Variances And Conditional Use Permits   24
Site Plan Review   25
Coastal Zone Development Permits   26
Amendments   27
Public Hearings   28
Appeals   29
Enforcement; Penalty   30
Right-Of-Way Dedications And Improvements   31
Development Impact Fees   32
Parking In-Lieu Fees   33
Cultural Development   34
Density Bonus   35