Penthouses or roof structures for the housing of elevators, stairways, solar panels and related equipment, or mechanical and similar equipment required to operate and maintain a building, fire escapes, open-work guardrails, skylights, clock towers, church steeples and other similar architectural elements, flagpoles, chimneys, smokestacks, radio antennas, and other similar structures may be erected above the height limits prescribed in this title. Light standards or other light fixtures may be mounted on the roof of a parking structure and must be designed to control glare. Non-permanent accessories, such as furniture, barbeques, or umbrellas placed on a roof deck may be erected up to a maximum eight feet (8') above the height limits prescribed in this title. No such penthouse, structure or accessory is allowed for the purpose of providing additional floor space. Any such structures in Residential Zones shall be for noncommercial purposes only.
An increase in the maximum allowable building height, up to five feet (5'), may be granted by the Director, subject to the approval of an adjustment pursuant to chapter 24 of this title. (Ord. 1571, 9-4-2018)