(a)   Notice of Trouble. The customer shall notify the Borough promptly of any defect in, accident or damage to, or trouble with, Borough lines or property that he or she may discover.
   (b)   Continuity of Service. The Borough will use reasonable diligence to preserve, as nearly as possible, the continuity of its service, but in the event of failure of service, in whole or in part, the Borough shall not be subject to any liability, penalty or payment for or on account of any such failure, and in no event shall the Borough be liable for consequential damages. The Borough may temporarily suspend service for the purpose of making necessary repairs and make every reasonable effort to notify customers in advance, except in cases of emergency.
   (c)   Emergency Load Control. A load emergency situation exists whenever:
      (1)   The demands for power on all or part of the utility's system exceed or threaten to exceed the capacity then actually available to supply such demands;
      (2)   System instability or cascading outages could result from actual or expected transmission overloads or other contingencies; or
      (3)   Such conditions exist in the system or another public utility or power pool with which the utility's system is interconnected and cause a reduction in the capacity available to the utility from that source or threaten the integrity of the utility's system.
   In such case, the utility shall take such reasonable steps as the time available permits to bring the demands within the then-available capacity or to otherwise control load. Such steps shall include, but shall not be limited to, reduction or interruption of service to one or more customers, in accordance with the utility's procedures for controlling load.
(Ord. 2211. Passed 4-29-97.)