A.   Requirements: Street lighting shall be installed in a subdivision in accordance with the following requirements:
      1.   The subdivider shall install streetlights, shall make all necessary arrangements with the appropriate utility company for the installation of streetlights, and shall bear all costs relating to the purchase and placement of streetlights. Streetlights shall be installed by a properly licensed contractor possessing a valid City business license.
      2.   Street lighting plans are prepared by the utility company providing electricity to the subdivision. Once prepared, the subdivider shall submit the street lighting plans to the City for review. Street lighting plans must show the location of each streetlight, the corresponding power source and the size of luminaries measured in watts or lumens.
      3.   The City will not accept any public improvements or issue a certificate of occupancy for any part of a subdivision until all street lighting within each construction phase is complete and fully operational.
      4.   Requests for street lighting in previously developed areas must be approved by the City for location and installation prior to being submitted to the utility company for design engineering.
      5.   Once the street lighting has been installed and operational, approval by the City will constitute acceptance of the street lighting and the City will then be responsible for the energy costs and maintenance thereafter.
   B.   Design Standards: All streetlight installations shall be designed in accordance with the following minimum design standards:
      1.   All luminaries shall be LED luminaires with a minimum of one hundred watt (100 W) equivalent LED for residential areas and a minimum of two hundred watt (200 W) equivalent LED for commercial/industrial areas or approved equal.
      2.   A streetlight shall be placed at each street intersection and shall be situated to properly illuminate the intersection.
      3.   A streetlight shall be placed at each proposed U.S. Postal Service gang box location.
      4.   Streetlights shall be placed between intersections at midblock locations with a minimum spacing of three hundred fifty feet (350') and maximum of five hundred feet (500') between all lights.
      5.   A streetlight shall be placed at the end of each cul-de-sac. (Ord. 834, 11-27-2018)