3-4-1: Created; Appointment; Members; Compensation; Term; Removal; Vacancies
3-4-2: Meetings, Records, Quorum And Voting
3-4-3: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson And Secretary
3-4-4: Employees
3-4-5: Expenditures
3-4-6: Master Plan
3-4-7: Subject Matter Of Master Plan
3-4-8: Coordination Of Master Plan
3-4-9: School Sites
3-4-10: Commission To Promote Public Interest In Master Plan; Powers
3-4-11: Form Of Master Plan
3-4-12: Adoption Of Master Plan And Amendments By The Commission
3-4-13: Adoption Of Master Plan By Governing Council
3-4-14: Governing Body To Put Adopted Master Plan Into Effect
3-4-15: Acquisition And Abandonment Of Streets, Parks And Construction Of Public Buildings
3-4-16: Land Use, Classifications And Districts
3-4-17: Changes Of Land Use Classification; Notice And Hearing (Rep. by Ord. 533, 10-12-1999)
3-4-18: Jurisdiction Of Planning Commission
3-4-19: Words And Terms Defined
3-4-20: Additional Powers And Duties
3-4-21: City Officials
3-4-22: Financial Limitations
3-4-23: Annual Report