(A)   It shall be unlawful for any person to park a motor vehicle in a parking space designated and reserved for the physically handicapped, on either public or private property, unless:
      1.   The vehicle visibly bears the temporary parking permit issued pursuant to Section 8-1-15 of this Code; or
      2.   The vehicle visibly bears the parking permit or license plate issued to the physically handicapped by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, pursuant to NRS 482.384; or
      3.   The vehicle visibly bears the special license plates for a disabled veteran issued pursuant to NRS 482.377.
   (B)   Handicapped parking spaces shall be designated by the installation of appropriate control devices which comply with NRS 484.408.
   (C)   "Private property" as used in this Section means parking areas to which the public is invited and that are located on property other than that owned by Elko County or any of the unincorporated towns within the County.
   (D)   A violation of this Section shall be punished as a misdemeanor under Section 7-1-25 of this Code.