A.   Additional Services; Payment Of Bills And Charges: A person owing delinquent municipal utility bills or other charges in connection with any municipal utility system shall not be extended additional services until such bills and charges have been paid.
   B.   Reasons For Turning Off: Utilities may be cut off and service discontinued for any of the following reasons:
      1.   Violation of any ordinance provision relating to any utility or service system, or violation of any ordinance provision or any provision of a code adopted by reference, relating to water and sanitary plumbing or electrical installations, as the case may be; or
      2.   Failure to pay a utility bill or other proper charge made in connection with the utility system by the time specified by ordinance.
   C.   Jeopardizing Public Health; Public Nuisance: A particular service may be cut off for any act or omission in regard to the abuse of another system or service, which jeopardizes the public health or safety, creates a public nuisance, or interferes with the rights of others.
   D.   Right To Shut Off Water: The city reserves the right to cut off or reduce any utility or service to any customer when necessary to conserve water, to protect life or property, or to repair or improve the system. (1991 Code § 16-131)