Any person having a regularly established plant maintenance staff, a regularly established fire protection system, and regularly employing one or more electricians in the building, structure or premises owned and operated by such person, shall be issued an annual permit upon application therefor. Work covered by such permit shall be confined to the existing buildings occupied by such person where such work is installed in accordance with the provisions of the Code adopted in Section 1303.01. This shall not be construed to prohibit the Building Official from making routine inspections of the premises if he should so desire. No further fee than the one hereafter required shall be assessed for such inspections.
   Upon application for each annual permit, a designated electrical inspector or electrical supervisor of such person shall file an affidavit certifying that all electrical installations during the preceding year have been made in accordance with the laws of the State and the mandatory provisions of the Code adopted in Section 1303.01.
   Such fees shall be paid into the City Treasury by the Director of Finance after receipt thereof by him.