(a)   A Eastlake Recreation Advisory Committee is hereby created consisting of the following members:
   A representative of Eastlake Police Athletic/Activities League,
   A representative of the Eastlake Baseball League,
   A representative of Eastlake Youth Football,
   A representative of Eastlake Boys' Softball,
   A representative of Eastlake Girls' Softball,
   A representative of Eastlake Youth Basketball,
   A representative of Eastlake Gymnastics Association,
   A representative of Eastlake Soccer Association, Inc.,
   A representative of the Eastlake Swim Team,
   A representative of the Senior Citizens Advisory Board,
   A representative of The Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce.
   (b)   The Recreation Director and the Chairman of Council's Recreation Committee shall be consultants to the Eastlake Recreation Advisory Committee.
   (c)   The Eastlake Advisory Committee shall discuss and make recommendations concerning planning and development of recreation facilities, submit ideas for recreation activities within the City and generally assist in creating a better line of communication between the City and its citizenry concerning recreation programs.
   (d)   The Eastlake Advisory Committee is authorized to pass by-laws, but these by-laws shall not become effective until final approval of the same by Council. Upon approval by Council, a copy of such by-laws shall be kept by the Eastlake Advisory Committee and the Clerk of Council. 
(Ord. 2009-076.  Passed 7-14-09.)