For the purpose of electing officers and holding and conducting Municipal elections, this Charter shall take effect at the next regular Municipal election to be held the first Tuesday in November in the year 1955; except that those candidates filing for such public offices provided for in this Charter shall submit their petition of candidacy to the Board of Elections of Lake County, Ohio, ninety (90) days before the aforementioned date in compliance with Article II, Section 1, of this Charter.  For all other purposes other than the election of Municipal officers, this Charter shall take effect on the first day of January in the year 1954 upon its approval by the electors of the Municipality.
   We, the undersigned, being a majority of the members of the Charter Commission of the City of Eastlake, have framed this Charter to be voted upon at the regular Municipal election to be held on the third day of November, 1953.
John M. Barrett, Chairman
Joseph Pizzie
Earl Davis, Vice Chairman
Harry Roberts
Elsie DeJean
Thomas Shipley
Laurence Moss
Patrick Stillisano
Roland Baskin, Legal Counselor
Helen Page, Secretary