(a)   General.  A person shall not kindle or maintain or authorize the be kindled or maintained any burning unless conducted and approved in accordance with this paragraph.
   (b)   Prohibited Burning.  Burning that is offensive or objectionable because of smoke emissions or when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fire hazardous shall be prohibited.
   (c)   Extinguishment Authority.  The Fire Code Official or the fire department is authorized to order the extinguishment of burning that creates or adds to a hazardous or objectionable situation.
   (d)   Safe Distance.  Recreation fires shall not be conducted within 25 feet (7620 mm) of a structure or combustible material.  Conditions which could cause a fire to spread within 25 feet (7620 mm) of a structure shall be eliminated prior to ignition.
   (e)   Fuel.  Fires shall consist of seasoned dry untreated wood only and shall be ignited with a small quantity of paper only.  Fire shall not contain any rubbish, garbage, trash, any material made of or coated with rubber, plastic, leather or petroleum based materials and shall not contain any flammable or combustible liquids.
   (f)   Fuel Load.  The pile size is 3 feet (914 mm) or less in diameter and 2 feet (610 mm) or less in height.
   (g)   Attendance.  Recreational fires and use of portable outdoor fireplaces shall be constantly attended by a competent adult until the fire is extinguished.  All ashes must be cool to the touch prior to leaving the fire pit unattended.
   (h)   Extinguishment.  A minimum of one portable fire extinguisher complying with paragraph (F)(906) of rule 1301:7-7-09 of the Administrative Code with a minimum 4-A rating or other approved on-site fire-extinguishing equipment, such as dirt, sand, water barrel, garden hose or water truck, shall be available for immediate utilization.
   (i)   Portable Outdoor Fireplaces.  Portable outdoor fireplaces shall be used in accordance with the manufacture’s instruction and shall not be operated within 15 feet (3048 mm) of a structure or combustible material.
   (j)   Placement.  Portable outdoor fireplaces shall not be placed on combustible decking, dried grass/ straw or under an awning/overhang.
(Ord. 2017-012.  Passed 2-28-17.)