The Planning Commission shall have the power conferred upon it by the general laws of the State of Ohio to frame or adopt a plan or plans for dividing the Municipality or any portion thereof into zones or districts representing the recommendations of the Commission in the interests of public health, safety, convenience, comfort, prosperity or general welfare for the limitation and regulation of height, the bulk and location, (including the percentage of lot occupancy, setback building lines, side lines and area and dimensions of yards, courts and other open spaces,) and the uses of buildings and other structures and/or premises in such zones and districts.
   It shall adopt and recommend to the Council a comprehensive plan for the physical development of the Municipality, or the redevelopment of any area or district therein, which shall include the location of public ways, property, bridges, schools, utilities, buildings, parks, playgrounds, and recreation areas.
   Further, the Commission shall be required to make and keep maps or plans of the whole or any portion of the Municipality.  It shall be required more specifically that such maps and plans shall show the Commission's recommendations for general location, character and extent of streets, alleys, ways, viaducts, bridges, waterways, waterfronts, subways, boulevards, parkways, parks, playgrounds, aviation fields and other public grounds, way or open spaces; the general location and the extent of public utilities and terminals, whether publicly or privately owned or operated, for water, light, sanitation, transportation, communication, power and other purposes; and the removal, relocation, widening, narrowing, vacating, abandonment, change of use, or extension of such public ways, grounds, open spaces, buildings, property, utilities or terminals.
   The Commission shall further have the powers and duties concerning control, preservation and care of historical monuments, design and location of harbors, bridges, statuary, viaducts and street fixtures and other public structures.
   The Commission shall have the power to employ clerks, engineers, draftsmen and such other subordinates as it shall deem necessary for the performance of its functions; the expense for which must be within the amounts appropriated by Council to cover the services of the Commission.