The Director of Law shall be the head of the Department of Law, and shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation of 2/3 of all the members elected to the Council.  He may be removed from office by the Mayor, but such removal shall not take place without the concurrence of 2/3 of all the members elected to Council.  He shall serve the Mayor, the Council, the administrative departments, and the officers, boards and commissions of the City as legal counsel in connection with municipal affairs, and subject to the direction of the Mayor and/or Council, shall represent the City in all proceedings in court or before any administrative board.  He shall perform all other duties now or hereafter imposed upon City Solicitors under the laws of Ohio, unless otherwise provided by ordinance of the Council, and he shall perform such other duties consistent with his office as the Mayor or the Council may request.  No person shall act as Director of Law unless duly admitted to practice law in the State of Ohio.