All ordinances and resolutions of the Council shall be signed by its presiding officer and attested by the Clerk of Council.  They shall be presented to the Mayor, by the Clerk, within forty-eight (48) hours after passage by the Council.  If the Mayor approves such ordinance or resolution, he shall sign it forthwith and return it to Council.  If he does not approve it, he shall return it within ten (10) days after it is presented to him, with a statement of his objections to the Council, who shall enter his objections on its Journal.  The Council may then reconsider the vote on the passage of such legislation not later than at its next regular meeting.  If, on reconsideration, it is approved by two thirds (2/3) of all the members elected to Council, it shall become effective.  If any ordinance or resolution shall not be returned by the Mayor within ten (10) days after it was presented to him, it shall become effective in the same manner as if he had signed it.  The Mayor may disapprove any item or items of an ordinance making an appropriation of money, and item or items so disapproved shall be void unless repassed by the Council in the manner herein prescribed.