913.11  EASEMENTS.
   Access to storm water management practices as required by the City of Eastlake for inspections shall be secured by easements.  The following conditions shall apply to all easements:
   (a)   Easements shall be included in the Inspection and Maintenance Agreement submitted with the Comprehensive Storm Water Management Plan. 
   (b)   Easements shall be approved by the City of Eastlake prior to approval of a final plat and shall be recorded with the Lake County Auditor and on all property deeds.
   (c)   Unless otherwise required by the City of Eastlake, access easements between a public right-of-way and all SCMs shall be no less than 20-feet wide. The easement shall also incorporate the entire practice plus an additional 20-foot wide band around the perimeter of the SCMs.
   (d)   The easement shall be graded and/or stabilized as necessary to allow maintenance equipment to access and manipulate around and within each facility, as defined in the Inspection and Maintenance Agreement for the site. 
   (e)   Easements to structural SCMs shall be restricted against the planting in said easement of trees, shrubbery, or other woody growth; against the construction therein of buildings, fences, walls, and other structures that may obstruct the free flow of storm water and the passage of inspectors and maintenance equipment; and against the changing of final grade from that described by the final grading plan approved by the City of Eastlake.  Any re-grading and/or obstruction placed within a maintenance easement may be removed by the City of Eastlake at the property owners' expense.  (Ord. 2017-093.  Passed 11-28-17.)