Before any person, other than a duly authorized City officer or employee, makes any excavation, tunneling, auger or boring under any street, boulevard, avenue, alley, highway or other public ground or removes the surface of any sidewalk or any part thereof, or opens any sidewalk in the City, such person shall file with the Director of Public Service a written or printed application setting forth and accurately indicating the location, kind and extent of the proposed excavation or removal of sidewalk, and the number, purpose and size of the excavations which are desired or necessary.  If any excavations are for a purpose other than pursuant to a contract with the City, the applicant shall pay to the Director of Finance a fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) and shall deposit with the Director of Finance an additional amount sufficient to cover the cost of and supervision of backfilling, repairing, restoring and relaying the pavement or hard surface or the sidewalk, as the case may be, together with the cost of any new material, as the same is estimated by the Director of Public Service.
   (a)   Deposits, as set forth in this section, may be increased by the Director of Public Service if estimated potential damage to City property exceeds the amount of such deposits.
   (b)   Extra inspections and costs of other services provided by the City shall be deducted from the deposits.
   (c)   A property bond, in lieu of a cash bond, may be posted for work performed on sidewalks or aprons, driveways or curb cutting on residential property at the place of residence by occupant/owner only.  To accommodate sidewalk replacement programs, inspection fees and permit costs may be waived by the Director of Public Service.
   (d)   Contracts who have on deposit with the City a bond or cash amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000) for street openings may have the above deposits waived by the Director of Public Service.
      (Ord. 2004-123.  Passed 11-23-04.)