36.01   Purpose and creation
   36.02   Department composition
   36.03   Ordinance Enforcement Administrator
   36.04   System Coordinator
   36.05   Hearing Room Personnel
   36.06   Issuance of violations
   36.07   Violation notice
   36.08   Administrative hearings
   36.09   Findings, decision and order
   36.10   Enforcement of judgments
   36.11   Judicial review
   36.12   General fines for any ordinance other than Vehicle Code
   36.13   Fines for violation of the Vehicle Code other than handicapped parking and regulated parking
   36.14   Fines for violations of certain regulated parking and handicapped parking
   36.15   Authorization to impound, boot or tow motor vehicle
   36.16   Request for hearing in case of impoundment and towing of motor vehicle
   36.17   Notice affixed to vehicle in cases of immobilization
   36.18   Towing of immobilized vehicle
   36.19   Post-impoundment notice
   36.20   Hearing in case of vehicle immobilization
   36.21   Fines and fees for immobilization
   36.22   Towing services
   36.23   Eviction, rights of occupants
   36.24   Defenses to Building Code violations
   36.25   Sanctions applicable to the building owner
   36.26   Liability of parent or legal guardian for ordinance violations