(A)   Purpose.  To provide for fair and efficient enforcement of village ordinances as may be allowed by law and directed by ordinance, through an administrative adjudication of violations of village ordinances thereby expediting the prosecution and correction of code violations. To that end, there is hereby adopted Division 2.1 of Article 1 of the Illinois Municipal Code (ILCS Ch. 65, Act 5, §§ 1-2.1-1 et seq.).
   (B)   Creation.  There is hereby established a department of the municipal government to be known as the Ordinance Enforcement Department to have the power to enforce compliance with all municipal ordinances, except for any offense under the Illinois Vehicle Code (adopted by the village under Title VII of the Village Code) that is a traffic regulation governing the movement of vehicles other than a violation pursuant to an automated traffic law enforcement system which shall be enforced pursuant to this chapter and except for any reportable offense under ILCS Ch. 625, Act 5, § 6-204.  The establishment of the village Ordinance Enforcement Department does not preclude the Village Board from using any other method to enforce ordinances of the village.
(Ord. 08-07, passed 3-3-2008; Am. Ord. 08-15, passed 4-21-2008; Am. Ord. 13-30, passed 8-19-2013)