The System Coordinator is hereby authorized and directed to operate and maintain the computer programs, including but not limited to:
   (A)   Inputting of violation notice information.
   (B)   Establishing court dates and notice dates.
   (C)   Recording fine and penalty assessment and payments.
   (D)   Issuing payment receipts.
   (E)   Issuing succeeding notice of hearing dates and/or final determination of liability; issuing notice of immobilization; issuing notice of impending impoundment; issuing notice of impending drivers license suspension, as directed by the Ordinance Enforcement Administrator in accordance with the provisions hereinafter set forth.
   (F)   Keeping accurate records of appearances and non-appearances at administrative hearings, pleas entered, judgments entered, sanctions imposed, if any, fines and penalties assessed and paid.
(Ord. 08-07, passed 3-3-2008; Am. Ord. 08-15, passed 4-21-2008)