(A)   Citations and complaints regarding violations of the adopted Kane County Animal Control Ordinance shall describe the violation by first indicating this § 92.07, followed by the Kane County ordinance number, e.g., 92.07 (5-9-4) for nuisance feeding.
   (B)   In addition to enforcing violations of this chapter in the Circuit Court, the village may enforce such violations before a hearing officer in administrative adjudication, subject to the requirements of this chapter. The hearing officer shall have the powers granted to the Circuit Court under this chapter, as well as those provided in Chapter 36 of the Village Code.
   (C)   The village’s enforcement of this chapter shall be subject to the fees and fines set forth in Chapter 37: Fees and Fines, and § 10.99 of the Village Code.
(Ord. 20-14, passed 5-4-2020)