This title governs the development and administration of Spring Valley, as shown in the PADA. Any amendments to this title must be consistent with the PADA. Where uses arise that are not covered in this title except as provided in the PADA, the use shall be prohibited. This title shall not apply to land not incorporated within the PADA.
   A.   Scope And Content: This title shall consist of the text hereof.
   B.   Flexibility: The PADA, and this title are intended to depict the general nature and relative intensity of residential and nonresidential development in the Spring Valley development, while allowing flexibility at the time of detailed planning and platting so that the overall goals, policies, purpose, and intent of the PADA and the Eagle comprehensive plan as provided within the PADA and this title can be achieved.
   C.   Conflict Of Laws: In their interpretation and application, the provisions of this title shall be exclusive requirements under Eagle city code for development within Spring Valley.
   D.   Phased Development: This title is intended to regulate all development and improvement of Spring Valley, but is not intended to regulate the bulk sale and conveyance of raw land to subdevelopers. Subdevelopers intending to develop land within Spring Valley, or any portion thereof, are subject to the PADA and this title.
   E.   Changes To Spring Valley Property Boundary: From time to time, the Spring Valley property boundary may change due to additions of property into Spring Valley. Such changes shall be governed by the PADA, subject to approval of an amendment by the city of Eagle and this title. (Ord. 710, 1-14-2014)