11A-1-2 PURPOSE:
Generally, this title is enacted with the purpose and intent of promoting, on behalf of the citizens of the city of Eagle and the Spring Valley development, public health, safety, comfort and general welfare; to conserve and control the population, density and facilities adequate and economical provision for public improvements, all in accordance with Spring Valley preannexation and development agreement, for the desirable physical development of Spring Valley; and to provide a method of administration, all as authorized by the Eagle comprehensive plan, the Eagle zoning ordinance, the state legislature and the constitution of the state of Idaho.
Specifically, the purpose and intent of this title is to set forth the development standards and administrative procedures for implementing the land use policies of the PADA. Furthermore, it is the purpose of this title:
   A.   To support the city's annexation and rezoning of Spring Valley to ensure a high quality development that ensures orderly, controlled, and quality growth in the city;
   B.   Provide for a mixture of land uses within the Spring Valley planned development;
   C.   Provide distinctive, efficient and effective regulations to guide development in Spring Valley;
   D.   Encourage flexibility and creativity in Spring Valley's design and development in order to respond to market demand and site specific conditions while enhancing the economic viability and quality of Spring Valley;
   E.   Encourage creative and innovative land planning and design processes throughout Spring Valley which are sensitive to existing environmental conditions;
   F.   Ensure significant planning and economic benefit to the city and the developer without limitations by: 1) encouraging investment in and commitment to comprehensive planning for effective utilization of municipal and other public resources to secure quality planning, growth and protection of the environment; 2) requiring development of Spring Valley consistent with the Eagle comprehensive plan, ordinances, and the PADA; 3) providing for the planning, design, engineering, construction, acquisition, and/or installation of public infrastructure to support anticipated development of both Spring Valley and the larger land areas that includes mitigation impacts by and to Spring Valley; 4) creating employment through development of Spring Valley; and 5) creating quality housing, employment, recreation and other land uses in Spring Valley;
   G.   Establish responsibility for the development of essential public services throughout Spring Valley and the specific mechanisms by which they will be provided, created and financed;
   H.   Provide for phased and orderly development of Spring Valley utilizing consistent criteria;
   I.   Establish the permitted uses and minimum standards for each category of residential and nonresidential use;
   J.   Identify and define standards for uses which may occur in each of the land use categories;
   K.   Ensure that development and subdivision are consistent with the PADA, this title, Eagle city code in effect as of December 21, 2012, and not superseded by this title, and the Eagle comprehensive plan; and
   L.   Establish a review and approval process for the development of Spring Valley. (Ord. 710, 1-14-2014)