In addition to all other regulations as specified in this title, the following provisions shall be adhered to:
   A.   Conversion Of Dwellings To More Units: A residence may not be converted to accommodate an increased number of dwelling units unless:
      1.   The yard dimensions still meet the yard dimensions required by the zoning regulations for new structures in that district;
      2.   The lot area per family equals the lot area requirements for new structures in that district and the number of dwelling units per acre is less than or equal to the requirement in that district;
      3.   The floor area per dwelling unit is not reduced to less than that which is required for new construction in that district; and
      4.   The conversion is in compliance with all other relevant codes and ordinances.
   B.   Temporary Buildings:
      1.   Temporary buildings, construction trailers, shipping containers, equipment and materials used in conjunction with construction work authorized by this title only may be permitted in any district during the period construction work is in progress, but such temporary facilities shall be removed upon completion of the construction work. Storage of such facilities or equipment beyond the completion date of the project is prohibited.
   C.   Parking And Storing Of Certain Vehicles:
      1.   Automotive vehicles, trailers, or recreational vehicles of any kind or type without current license plates shall not be parked or stored on any property other than in a completely enclosed building, carport, or within an approved storage facility. Such vehicles shall be operational and shall not be occupied.
      2.   No recreational vehicles or personal recreation items may be parked more than seventy two (72) consecutive hours in front of, or in the case of corner lots, on the secondary street side, of any property. Such vehicles shall be operational.
      3.   One (1) recreational vehicle and one (1) personal recreation item or two (2) personal recreation items may be stored in the side or rear yard.
      4.   Recreational vehicles and personal recreation items shall not be stored on commercially zoned properties other than within an approved storage facility or within an approved RV Park. Utilizing recreational vehicle(s) as a full time or part time living quarters when located outside of an approved RV Park shall be prohibited.
   D.   Enclosed Trash/Recycle Areas: All trash and/or garbage and recycle collection areas for commercial, industrial and multi- family residential uses shall be enclosed on at least three (3) sides by a solid wall or fence of at least four feet (4') in height, and a solid wood gate on a metal frame shall enclose the fourth side, or shall be within an enclosed building or structure. Adequate vehicular access to and from such area or areas for collection of trash and/or garbage as determined by the administrator shall be provided.
   E.   Conditional Use Mobile Home: Notwithstanding any other provision in this title, a mobile home occupied by a family member may be located upon a lot upon which a single-family dwelling already exists; provided, that a conditional use permit is applied for in accordance with section 8-7-3-5 of this title, and the city council determines that the standards for the issuance of a conditional use permit set forth in section 8-7-3-2 of this title, are satisfied.
   F.   Nursing/Convalescent Homes: Nursing/convalescent homes (which include senior assisted living facilities) shall be located adjacent to an arterial or collector roadway in zoning districts A, A-R, R-E and R.
   G.   Portable Classrooms: Portable classrooms which are ancillary to a permanent school are permitted to be placed on the same lot with, or in proximity to the principal, permanent school building. Portable classrooms intended for stand alone use which are not accompanied by a permanent school building are not permitted. Portable classrooms shall be designed to be architecturally compatible with the principal, permanent school building.
(Ord. 298, 10-14-1997; amd. Ord. 405, 1-23-2002; Ord. 720, 6-24-2014; Ord. 820, 12-10-2019; Ord. 827, 10-22-2020)