No person shall deposit, store, keep, or permit to be deposited, stored, or kept in the open upon public or private property junk or a dismantled, unserviceable, inoperable, junked, or abandoned vehicle or any vehicle legally or physically incapable of being operated or any items as defined in § 94.01 of this chapter, for a period exceeding 48 hours, unless such junk or vehicle, or the parts thereof are completely enclosed within a building or stored in connection with a business lawfully established pursuant to the Zoning Code of the city, or is stored on property lawfully designated under the Zoning Code of the city as a place where such junk or vehicles may be stored and properly screened as required by §§ 110.085 through 110.087 of this code of ordinances and any other provisions relating to such screening requirements.
(Prior Code, § 94.02) (Ord. 1388, passed 11-12-2002) Penalty, see § 94.99