For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ABANDON. To leave without claimed ownership for 30 days or more.
   ABUTTING PROPERTY OWNER. Any person or persons, corporation, or other entity that owns, leases, or in any other way uses or controls the real property abutting any portion of the property of another.
   HIGHWAY. Any highway, road, street, or other public way, regardless of classification.
   HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE. Any air conditioner, range, stove, refrigerator, washing machine, clothes dryer, water pump, power tool, and the like.
   JUNK. Old or discarded scrap copper, brass, iron, steel, or other metals, or materials, including but not limited to tires, household appliances, furniture, rope, rags, batteries, glass, rubber debris, waste, trash, construction debris, plumbing fixtures, or any discarded, dismantled, wrecked, scrapped, or ruined motor vehicle or parts thereof. Any of the above items used in a bona fide agricultural operation are excluded from this definition.
   JUNK MOTOR VEHICLE. A discarded, dismantled, wrecked, scrapped, or ruined motor vehicle or parts thereof and may include but not be limited to, any vehicle which has had removed from it light, fender, window, door, hood, trunk, wheel, or major parts, including body, engine, transmission, frame, or rear end, which would cause such vehicle to be inoperable, dismantled, or partially dismantled; an unregistered motor home not connected to water and/or sewer, or a vehicle other than on-premise utility vehicle which is allowed to remain unregistered for a period of 30 days from the date of discovery.
   JUNKYARD. An individual or entity engaged in the business of acquiring or owning junk automobiles, appliances, machinery, scrap material, or part or accumulation of parts thereof for:
      (1)   Resale in their entirety or as spare parts; or
      (2)   Rebuilding, restoration, or crushing.
   MOTOR VEHICLE. Any vehicle propelled or drawn by power other than muscular power, including travel trailers or other trailers for hauling. Functional vehicles and equipment used for agricultural and construction operations are excluded from this definition.
   PERSON. Any person, firm, partnership, association, corporation, company, or organization of any kind.
   PRIVATE PROPERTY. Any real property in the city which is not public property.
   PUBLIC PROPERTY. Any property owned or controlled in the city limits by the city, county, state, or United States government, and shall include all alleys, streets, and highways.
   TRAVELED WAY. The portion of a public highway designed for the movement of a motor vehicle, shoulders, and roadside parking, rest, observation areas, and other areas immediately adjacent and contiguous to the traveled portion of the roadway.
   VEHICLE. Any motor vehicle, automobile, truck, travel trailer, hauling trailer, mobile home, motorcycle, tractor, buggy, wagon, or self-propelled farm or construction equipment.
(Prior Code, § 94.01) (Ord. 1388, passed 11-12-2002; Ord. O-2021-09, passed 4-13-2021)