(a)    No license issued by the City under this Article may be used for any Person other than the Person to whom the license is issued. No license may be assigned, transferred or otherwise disposed of so as to permit the unauthorized use thereof. For the purpose of this Section 1727.07(a), assignment and transfer shall be deemed to include any change of control of the Person holding the license which shall include any shift in the Persons or Natural Persons exercising at least one more than fifty percent voting control of the Person.
   (b)    Any Contractor or Handyman in violation of this Section shall result in a fine against the Contractor of not more than $300.00 and a fine against the Handyman of not more than $100.00.
   (c)    At the discretion of the City Building Inspector, a license issued by the City under this Article may be suspended for a specified period for the violation of this Article.
   (d)    The City Building Inspector shall be responsible for assessing all fines imposed under this Subsection in accordance with the requirements and procedures of this Article.
(Ord. 693.  Passed 5-6-13.)