(a)    Every Handyman that is to perform work in the form of altering, repairing or improving any part of a Structure in the City that does not require a specialty license from the State of West Virginia at a cost per job or contract less than $2,500.00 shall register with and obtain a license from the City Building Inspector prior to performing any work. Once a Handyman has registered and obtained a license from the City, the Handyman shall, in order to continue to perform work within the City, renew his license on an annual basis prior to its expiration. Prior to issuing any license under this Article to a Handyman, and as a condition of issuance thereof, the City Building Inspector, or other authorized agent or officer of the City, shall ensure that each applicant Handyman meet the following criteria:
      (1)   Possess general liability insurance coverage; and
      (2)   Be registered with the City for purposes of paying Business and Occupation tax; and
      (3)   Be current in the payment of all Business and Occupation tax owed and due to the City.
   (b)    There is hereby assessed and shall be collected an initial Handyman licensing fee of $50.00 to be paid at the time of registration and initial licensing.
   (c)    There is hereby assessed and shall be collected an annual Handyman licensing renewal fee of $50.00 to be paid on or before the expiration date of the license.
   (d)    All Handyman licenses issued under this Section 1727.04 shall be valid for a twelve month period, beginning on the date of issuance.
   (e)    Failure of any Handyman to renew his license and pay the annual renewal fee before the expiration date of the license shall result in the license lapsing. Upon the lapsing of a Handyman license, the Handyman shall re-register and obtain a new Handyman license under the terms and conditions of this Article.
   (f)    Any Handyman to whom the City issues a license under this Section 1727.04 shall keep the license, or a copy thereof, posted in an open and obvious location at each work site in which work is being performed by the Contractor.
   (g)    The issuance of a license under this Article shall not serve as an endorsement by the City of the Handyman to which a license was issued, nor shall the issuance of a license be any evidence of endorsement of, or guaranty for, any work that is planned or disclosed to the City in connection with the issuance of the license. No Handyman shall indicate to any person that their license issued under this Article is an endorsement by the City, consistent with this Section 1727.04(g).  (Ord.  693.  Passed 5-6-13.)