As used in this Article, the following terms are defined as follows:
   (a)    "City" shall mean the City of Dunbar, West Virginia.
   (b)    "Notice Address" shall mean the address maintained by the Assessor of Kanawha County, West Virginia in connection with the ad valorem tax tickets assigned to a Property.
   (c)    "Occupied" or "Occupying" shall mean being in present use for a lawful purpose by Persons on a consistent basis over time. The terms Occupied or Occupying do not include use by unauthorized Persons, trespassers or illegal activity. For purposes of this Article, evidence offered to prove a Structure is Occupied may include, but shall not be limited to, the receipt of delivery of regular mail through the U.S. Postal Service; evidence demonstrating the delivery of, and payment for, some or all of telephone, cable, internet, electric, gas, heating, water and sewer services for a period of not less than one hundred and eighty days without interruptions of more than thirty days at a time; a valid City business license, or recent federal, State or City income tax statements indicating that the subject Structure is the official personal or business residence of any Owner, Persons or businesses claiming occupancy of the subject Structure.
   (d)    "Owner" shall mean the Person assessed as the owner of a Property by the Assessor of Kanawha County, West Virginia.
   (e)    "Person" shall mean a natural person or a firm, trust, corporation, association, partnership, limited liability company, limited partnership, public entity, joint venture or any other kind of entity or enterprise, whether or not incorporated or certificated with any public body, of any kind or character.
   (f)    "Premises" shall mean a lot, plot or parcel of real property upon which any Vacant Building is situated.
   (g)    "Property" shall mean any parcel of real property or any right or interest in real property that is identifiable of record with the Kanawha County Clerk, West Virginia.
   (h)    "Structure" shall mean any building that is intended to be or that was originally intended to be Occupied.
   (i)    "Vacant Building" shall mean a Structure that is not Occupied for ninety (90) consecutive days. Vacant Building shall not include those Structures that are currently under construction or being renovated and those Structures exempt from this Article pursuant to Section 1130.11 .
      (Ord. 690. Passed 2-19-13.)