Council shall hold at least one regular meeting each month and shall determine the frequency, dates and times of additional regular meetings in order to properly conduct its business.
      Special meetings of Council may be called, for any purpose, by the Mayor or any three Council members upon at least twenty-four hours notice to each Council member, which notice may be served personally or left at the usual place of residence. Council members who attend special meetings of Council or who are present at another regular or special meeting where a special meeting is announced by the presiding officer need not receive notice of the special meeting. Council members may waive receipt of notice of a special meeting either prior or subsequent to the meeting. Attendance at a special meeting constitutes a waiver of receipt of notice of special meeting.
      Any regular or special meeting of Council may be adjourned or recessed to another time, date or place without giving the notice required in Section 3.06(b).
      All meetings of Council shall be open to the public, except as allowed by the laws of the State of Ohio and as Council may further provide by ordinance for matters declared in such ordinance to require confidentiality.