(September 2020)
Chris Amorose Groomes, Mayor
Cathy De Rosa, Vice-Mayor
Christina A. Alutto
Jane E. Fox
Andrew P. Keeler
Gregory S. Peterson
John G. Reiner
Anne C. Clarke, Clerk of Council
Dana L. McDaniel
City Manager
Homer C. Rogers
Assistant City Manager/Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
Jennifer D. Readler
Law Director
Megan D. O’Callaghan
Deputy City Manager/Chief Operations Officer
Matthew L. Stiffler
Director of Finance
Matthew C. Earman
Director of Parks & Recreation
Douglas E. McCollough
Chief Information Officer
Justin Páez
Chief of Police
Susan D. Burness
Director of Communications & Public Information
Alison D. LeRoy
Director of Community Events
Lisa M. Schoning
Director of Court Services
Colleen A. Gilger
Director of Economic Development
Paul A. Hammersmith
Director of Engineering
Brian K. Ashford
Director of Facilities
John K. Hyatt
Director of Fleet Management (Interim)
Jennifer L. Miglietti
Director of Human Resources
Mark A. Clark
Director of Information Technology
Christine M. Nardecchia
Director of Outreach and Engagement
Jay R. Anderson
Director of Parks Operations
Brandon B. Brown
Director of Performance Analytics
Jennifer M. Rauch
Director of Planning (Interim)
Tracey D. Gee
Director of Recreation Services
Kevin F. Robison
Director of Taxation