The amphitheater will be used on a priority basis by Draper City. Other users may reserve the amphitheater when, in the opinion of the City, it furthers the image of the community and will not be disruptive to the surrounding neighborhood. Reservation fees shall be as established in the consolidated fee schedule.
A.   Use Number Permitted: A maximum not to exceed three (3) events or productions a week that require the use of any loudspeakers will be allowed at the amphitheater in a calendar week Sunday to Saturday.
B.   Noise Level: Sound broadcast from any loudspeakers at the amphitheater may not exceed a ninety five (95) dB level when measured on the "A" weight at the property boundaries.
C.   End Time: All events, productions, concerts, festivals, etc., held at the amphitheater must end by ten o'clock (10:00) P.M. All loudspeakers must be turned off by this time.
D.   Time Of Loudspeaker Use: No loudspeakers may be used to broadcast sound at the amphitheater before ten o'clock (10:00) A.M. any day of the week.
E.   Outside Agreements: Draper City may enter into an agreement to partner with or cosponsor with any outside agency or promoter to bring events to the amphitheater when it is deemed to be beneficial to the amphitheater and a valuable opportunity.
1.   All negotiations and agreements/contracts must be finalized to be official. This includes contracts with the promoter and talent agency.
2.   All fees including a "per ticket" fee charged by the City to the partner/promoter must be as in the consolidated fee schedule.
3.   Some or all production costs, including lights, sound, talent purchase, director's costs, etc., are to be paid by the promoter or cosponsoring agency.
4.   If ticket sales are to be sold through a ticket outlet other than the current Draper Amphitheater ticket outlet, it must be approved by the City and all payments made to the City within five (5) business days.
F.   Rental By Private Contractors: The amphitheater may be rented by private contractors under the following conditions:
1.   The Draper Amphitheater rental agreement is signed and executed by the renter and Draper City.
2.   All rental fees are paid as per the consolidated fee schedule.
3.   All Draper City police or UFA staff as deemed necessary by the City staff are paid for per the consolidated fee schedule. (Ord. 1028, 9-18-2012)