15-1-020: AUTHORITY:
A.   Parks And Recreation Director: The Parks and Recreation Director may propose the establishment of certain parks, trails, and recreational facilities, which shall, upon the advice and consent of the City Council, be created as the City Council deems, fit. The Director shall advise the City Council on the establishment of parks, trails, and recreation facilities and may recommend funding sources to pay for said improvements.
B.   Impact Fee: The City Council may set an impact fee for all new parks, trails and recreation development within the City in accordance with State law.
C.   Managers: The Parks Manager, Recreation Manager and/or the Trails and Open Space Manager may prescribe certain uses and restrictions on use for the City parks, trails and recreation facilities as deemed reasonable and necessary for the protection and preservation of public health, safety and welfare, as well as protection and maintenance of the natural resources and public facilities consistent with this chapter and other City ordinances. The Managers may coordinate rulemaking and enforcement with law enforcement officers. (Ord. 1370, 12-11-2018)