Draper City does hereby adopt the rules and regulations as have been established by the Salt Lake County health department as are set out below. In the event that said regulations are amended, altered or changed by the Salt Lake County health department, those amendments, alterations, and changes shall be adopted by reference without any further action on the part of the Draper City council to incorporate those changes. The following health regulations are hereby adopted with their amendments as are promulgated from time to time:
A.   Solid waste management and permitting (regulation 1).
B.   Design, construction, and operation of pools regulation (regulation 2).
C.   Housing regulation (regulation 3).
D.   Public lodging facilities regulation (regulation 4).
E.   Food sanitation regulation (regulation 5).
F.   General sanitation regulation (regulation 7).
G.   Individual water systems regulation (regulation 11).
H.   Subdivision regulation (regulation 12).
I.   Wastewater disposal regulation (regulation 13).
J.   Watershed regulation (regulation 14).
K.   Temporary mass gatherings regulation (regulation 17).
L.   Massage facilities regulation (regulation 18).
M.   Body art facilities regulation (regulation 19).
N.   Cosmetology facilities regulation (regulation 20).
O.   Community noise pollution control regulation (regulation 21). (Ord. 1197, 3-29-2016)