A.   An applicant for a business license shall fill out the application in full and sign it as verification under penalty of law that all information contained therein is true.
B.   The application shall be returned to the business license official along with full payment of all business license fees.
C.   If required by separate ordinance, the business license official shall submit copies to other departments, divisions or agencies of the city for their review.
D.   Only after signed, written approvals from any required department, division or agency, the business license official shall be authorized to prepare a certificate of license for issuance.
E.   The certificate of license shall be signed by the license official and the mayor and shall contain the following information:
1.   The person's name to whom the certificate is issued;
2.   The business name;
3.   The type of business licensed;
4.   The date the license was issued;
5.   The expiration date of the license;
6.   The address of the place of business licensed; and
7.   The business license number.
F.   If the business is licensed to conduct more than one type of business, as defined herein, the certificate of license shall state each type of business licensed. (Ord. 590, 2-15-2005)