A.   Applications for licenses and permits required by this title shall be made in writing to the license official in the absence of provision to the contrary, which applications shall be made upon forms provided by the city. The application shall show:
1.   The name of the person desiring a license;
2.   The kind of license desired, stating the business, calling, trade or profession to be performed, practiced or carried on;
3.   The class of license desired, if such licenses are divided into classes;
4.   The place where such business, calling, trade or profession is to be carried on, giving the street number, if such business, calling, trade or profession is to be carried on in any building or enclosure;
5.   The period of time for which such license is desired to be issued;
6.   The application shall also state such additional information as may reasonably be required by the city as needed for the proper guidance of city officials in issuing the permit or license applied for.
It may also show that the proposed use of any premises by the applicant will not be in violation of city zoning regulations, that the principals of the applicant's business are properly bonded if bonding is required, and that the applicant will otherwise be in full compliance with all applicable city, state and federal laws and ordinances.
B.   The city may, by resolution, establish a requirement for certain categories of business licenses to provide a background security check with an application. Such a requirement shall only be imposed where the nature of the business justifies the background security check.
C.   Truthfulness, completeness and accuracy of all of said information provided by applicant shall be attested to by an authorized representative of the business.
D.   Failure to provide all required information or providing false or misleading information in the application shall constitute grounds for denial of the application or revocation of an existing permit or license, and shall constitute a misdemeanor, if such is done wilfully with the intent to mislead the city. (Ord. 590, 2-15-2005)