A.   Charges For Standby Fire Protection Service:
      1.   The oversizing of a water system to provide standby fire protection service increases capital and annual operating and maintenance costs. As such, the city shall charge for standby fire protection service and the monthly charge shall be calculated using the equation:
Monthly standby protection rate = (standby multiplier) x (water base rate) (Eq. 12.1)
      2.   The standby multiplier is determined by the service line size and shall be set by resolution of the city council.
   B.   Charge For Water Use: No charge will be made for water used in the standby fire protection services to extinguish accidental fires or for routine testing of the fire protection system.
   C.   Unapproved Water Use: Standby fire protection service connectors will be installed only if adequate provisions are made to prevent the use of water from such services for purposes other than fire extinguishing. Sealed fire sprinkler systems with water operated alarms shall be considered as having such provisions. The water department may require that a suitable detector check meter be installed in the standby fire protection service connections, to which hose lines or hydrants are connected.
   D.   Fire Service Connections Other Than Standby: A user having fire protection facilities on the premises and water for other purposes flowing through the same service connection shall be considered as an ordinary service and metered as such. All water used through that service, regardless of its use, will be charged at the regular rates.
   E.   Violations Of Regulations: If water from a standby fire protection pipe connection service is used in violation of these regulations, an estimate of the amount of water used will be computed by the water department. The regular rates, including the minimum charge based on the size of the service connection and subsequent bills rendered on the basis of the regular water rates, will be applied and billed to the property owner. (Ord. 131, 6-4-2014)