A.   General: The water department will exercise reasonable diligence and care to deliver a continuous and sufficient supply of water to the customer at a reasonable pressure and to avoid, so far as reasonably possible, any shortage or interruption of delivery. The city shall not be liable for damage resulting from the interruption in service due to lack of service.
   B.   Service Interruption: Temporary suspension of service by the water department for improvements and repairs will occasionally be necessary. Whenever possible, and when time permits, all customers affected will be notified prior to shutdowns.
   C.   Water Shortage: In case of shortage of supply, the city reserves the right to give preferences in the matter of furnishing services to customers from the standing of public convenience.
   D.   Water Quality: The water department will exercise reasonable diligence to supply safe and potable water at all times that meets or exceeds Idaho rules for public drinking water systems (IDAPA 58.01.08). (Ord. 131, 6-4-2014)