A.   Users And Owners: The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all water users and property owners within the city limits and any water users and owners outside of the city limits receiving water service from the city water system.
   B.   Assessments, Fees And Charges: All users of the city water system are obligated to pay their proportionate share of the assessments, fees and charges established in this chapter. All water users and owners who have been and are connected to the city water system who have not previously been charged are obligated to pay that proportionate share established during such period of usage; provided, that the demonstrable evidence is present to substantiate such usage. However, such evidence cannot predate August 27, 1991.
   C.   Existing Premises; Connection Required: All existing premises shall be connected to the city water system that are:
      1.   In the service area, and there is a water main within three hundred feet (300') of the property line; and
      2.   Occupied or able to be occupied by any person or commercial business after August 27, 1991; and
      3.   Not connected to a public or private community water system recognized and regulated by the Idaho department of environmental quality prior to the effective date hereof. Any exceptions to the foregoing must be approved in writing by the city council. Existing exempted properties are listed in section 8-1-29, appendix B of this chapter.
   D.   Newly Built Premises: Any newly built premises designed for occupancy after the date of passage hereof that has a water main within three hundred feet (300') of the property line shall be connected to the city water system. (Ord. 131, 6-4-2014)