The following words and phrases used in this chapter shall have the following meanings unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:
ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT (ADU): A second, subordinate dwelling unit for use as a complete, independent dwelling. An ADU is defined by the following specifications:
   A.   An ADU has permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation;
   B.   An ADU may have a separate outside entrance outside the primary structure; or
   C.   An ADU can be attached to the primary unit or be detached; or
   D.   An ADU can be located above or attached to a garage.
AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION (AWWA): The largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water.
ANNUAL FIXED COSTS: The budgeted annual operating costs of the Dover water department that are independent of the amount of water treated.
ANNUAL VARIABLE COSTS: The budgeted annual operating costs of the Dover water department that are proportional to the amount of treated water produced.
APPLICANT: The person or persons, firm or corporation, making application for water service from the city of Dover under the terms of these regulations.
BACKFLOW DEVICE: A device that is installed in a water distribution system to prevent reverse flow as required in the international plumbing code.
BASE WATER RATE: The monthly rate for water service that is independent of the amount of water that is used.
CITY: The legally constituted municipal government of the city of Dover, Bonner County, Idaho.
CITY COUNCIL: The legally elected or appointed group of members comprising the city council, including the mayor of the city of Dover, Bonner County, Idaho.
CUSTOMER AND USER: An applicant who has been accepted under the terms of these regulations and who receives water service from the city of Dover.
CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE: The water service line from the outlet connection of the meter box to the customer's property.
DOVER WATER SYSTEM: All mains, pipes and structures through which Dover water is distributed, including pumping stations, treatment plants, reservoirs, storage tanks and appurtenances, collectively or severally, actually used or intended for use for the purpose of furnishing water for domestic and commercial use and the administration thereof.
EQUIVALENT RESIDENTIAL UNIT (ERU): The owner's anticipated use of the city water system, based on the equivalency to a single-family residential unit.
INACTIVE WATER SERVICE: A customer's water service shall be designated inactive under the following conditions:
   A.   A water connection has been purchased by the customer but has not been connected to the Dover water system; or
   B.   A water connection has been purchased and connected to the water system, but the meter has been turned off either by the city for nonpayment or because the customer has elected not to use water.
MAIN EXTENSION: Refers to all proposed extensions of the water system to serve undeveloped areas within the existing corporate limits, newly annexed areas or areas outside the corporate limits of the city of Dover.
MAY: Is permissive (see definition of Shall).
METER ERUs: The number of equivalent residential units assigned to a meter account.
METER SIZE AND TYPE FACTOR (MSTF): The number of ERUs assigned to a water meter as determined using the maximum capacity of a water meter as established by AWWA.
OCCUPANT: Refers to the tenant, developer, leaseholder or other person who occupies the property of an owner that is served by the Dover water system.
ORDINANCE EFFECTIVE DATE: The recorded date that this chapter is passed and publicized as required by Idaho state code.
OWNER: Refers to the property owner whose property is served by the domestic water system.
SERVICE AREA: The area served by the water department shall be all that area included within the corporate limits of the city of Dover, excluding that area served by Syringa Heights water district. The area served may be expanded by annexation into the city of Dover. Other areas may be served by agreement, approved by the city council.
SERVICE CONNECTION: Refers to that portion of a water service line that runs from its connection with the water main to and including the curb stop and/or valve box and meter (see section 8-1-29, appendix A of this chapter).
SHALL: Is mandatory (see definition of May).
SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL UNIT: A single-family detached residential unit is the most common form of development within the city, and the standard measurement from which all other uses shall be compared.
SUPERINTENDENT: The person appointed by the city council to superintend the affairs of the Dover water department.
TOTAL ANNUAL METERED WATER CONSUMPTION: This is the total number of metered gallons of water that are consumed by all users of the Dover water department.
TOTAL ERUs: The total number of ERUs that are serviced by the Dover water department.
USAGE FEE: The cost for each gallon of water used.
WATER CONNECTION FEE: A payment of money imposed on the property owner as a condition of connecting to the city water system.
WATER DEPARTMENT: The water department of the city of Dover, Bonner County, Idaho.
WATER MAIN: Any pipeline owned by the city for the purposes of distribution of water to serve more than one water user. (Ord. 131, 6-4-2014; amd. 2017 Code)