A.   Misdemeanor: Failure to comply with any provisions of this title shall be deemed a misdemeanor, subject to penalty as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code.
   B.   Each Day Separate Violation: Each day a violation continues may be considered a separate offense for each and every day or portion thereof during which any violation of this title is committed, continued, or permitted.
   C.   Civil Remedies: Nothing contained herein shall preclude the city from pursuing enforcement through injunctive relief or any other civil remedies available. The city attorney may, with the consent of the council, bring a civil action considered necessary to enjoin a violation of this title. Civil remedies may be sought in addition to, or in lieu of, criminal penalties, including the recovery of any costs, civil fines or penalties imposed by this title. The city may also record a notice to title for any subdivision violation that has remained unresolved for forty five (45) days or more after the first notice of violation was sent by certified mail by the city to the landowner at the address shown on the county assessor's tax rolls. The notice of violation shall identify the subdivision violation, location, and the actions required to resolve the violation. After the violation has been resolved, the landowner shall pay a fee as set forth in the official fee schedule established by this title, or by mediated restitution to process and record a lifting of the notice to title.
   D.   Enforcement: No zoning permit shall be issued for the construction of any building or structure located on a lot or plat subdivided or sold in violation of the provisions of these regulations, nor shall the city have any obligation to issue any zoning permit to any parcel created or established in violation of these provisions.
   E.   No zoning permits, except for a permit for one model home, will be issued for proposed lots depicted on the final plat until the final plat has been recorded, the reproducible copies of the recorded plat have been received, and the interior monuments have been set in accordance with Idaho Code.
   F.   No land development or site disturbance activities that constitutes subdivision or installation of subdivision improvements pursuant to the requirements of this ordinance nor the filing of a subdivision plat in the office of the county recorder shall be undertaken without first obtaining the permits or approvals required by this ordinance. (Ord. 172, 7-8-2021)