11-1-2: PURPOSE:
These provisions are adopted to provide for the orderly division of land within the city and to:
   A.   Protect and provide for the public health, safety and general welfare of the city;
   B.   Guide the future growth and development of the city;
   C.   Encourage the orderly and beneficial development of the community's land;
   D.   Guide public and private policy in order to provide adequate and efficient streets, drainage, parks, and public facilities;
   E.   Establish standards for development and installation of improvements for subdivisions, including water, sewer, streets, and drainage;
   F.   Further the orderly layout and use of land and to ensure proper legal description and monumentation of subdivided land;
   G.   Ensure that public facilities and services are available concurrent with development and will have sufficient capacity to serve the subdivision;
   H.   Ensure that the community will bear no more than its fair share of any cost of providing services by requiring the developer to pay fees, furnish land or establish mitigation measures to provide a fair share of capital facilities needs generated by the development;
   I.   Assure the adequacy of drainage facilities to safeguard ground and surface water and to encourage the wise use and management of natural resources to preserve the stability and beauty of the community and the value of the land;
   J.   Provide open space through the most efficient design and layout of land, while preserving the density of development as established in the zoning ordinance of the city;
   K.   Establish procedures and standards for consideration of applications governed by this title. (Ord. 172, 7-8-2021)