A.   Settlement: When a residential customer experiences a water leak causing excessive water usage over a limit set by resolution of the city council and the usage has been caused by a defect or defects and the defect(s) is/are repaired promptly on discovery, the city clerk is authorized to make a settlement of the charges in the following manner:
      1.   The estimate of consumption shall be based either upon the customer's prior use during the same season of the previous year, or upon a reasonable comparison with the use of other customers receiving the same class of service during the same season under similar circumstances and conditions. If there is no reasonable comparison available, the city clerk will make an estimate of customer water consumption based upon all available data.
      2.   Payment will be made by the customer upon receipt of the adjusted bill, unless a determination has been made by the city clerk that a payment plan is in order.
   B.   Repair Required: No adjustment shall be made unless the customer has taken reasonable steps to immediately repair the defect upon discovery. (Ord. 131, 6-4-2014)