A.   Water Service Connection Defined: The "water service connection" is defined as the water service line from the water main and the meter box and water meter (section 8-1-29, appendix A of this chapter).
   B.   Ownership: The city shall own and maintain the water service connection.
   C.   Maintenance: Maintenance and/or installation shall only be performed by authorized city employees or a state licensed public works contractor approved by the city. Upon inspection and acceptance by the city, the ownership, maintenance, repair and/or replacement of the service connection shall be the responsibility of the city.
   D.   Size Of Service Line And Water Meter:
      1.   The water department will determine the appropriate size of service line and water meter based on the applicant request, provided such request is reasonable and that the size requested is one that is listed by the water department. The applicant is responsible for purchase and installation of the water meter.
      2.   The minimum size of service shall be three-fourths inch (3/4"). The water department may refuse to install a service line which is undersized or oversized as determined by a study and report by the water department to the city council. (Ord. 131, 6-4-2014)
   E.   Increases In Service Line Size And Water Meter: Increase in the size of the service line and/or water meter requested by the customer shall be paid by the customer on the basis of the cost of installation, plus an increase in the water connection fee based on the meter size and type factor (MSTF). (Ord. 131, 6-4-2014; amd. 2017 Code)
   F.   Decreases In Service Line Size And Water Meter: Decrease in the size of the service line and/or water meter requested by the customer shall be paid by the customer on the basis of the cost for installation. There is no refund in water connection fee from the city to the customer.
   G.   Service Line Length:
      1.   Where the main is in a public right of way, the meter will be placed at the right of way line nearest the property to be served for the standard connection fee, provided the length of service line does not exceed the width of the right of way.
      2.   Where the main is on an easement or publicly owned property other than designated rights of way, the service line shall be installed to the boundary of the easement or public property by the water department, provided the length of the service line does not exceed thirty feet (30').
      3.   If, in either case cited above, the length of the service line to the meter location exceeds the maximum stated, the applicant shall pay the extra cost of the line on the basis of actual cost to the city for labor, materials and equipment, plus eighteen percent (18%).
   H.   Joint Service Connections:
      1.   The water department may, at its option, serve two (2) or more premises with one connection. For new service connections, the inside diameter of such joint lines shall be sufficient to provide a carrying capacity of no less than the combined capacity of individual service lines of the same size as the meters installed.
      2.   Customer service line extensions from an existing customer service line to occupancies or ownerships other than that which the existing customer service line was intended shall not be permitted nor shall separate residences be permitted to receive water service through one meter, except under special considerations and written approval of the city council.
   I.   Changes In Location: Meters or water services lines moved for the convenience of the customer will be relocated only at the customer's expense and with prior city council approval.
   J.   Damage To Water Department Equipment: The customer shall be liable for any damage to equipment owned by the water department, which is caused by an act of the customer, his tenants, agents, employees, contractors, licensees or permit holders. Damage to equipment shall include, but not be limited to, breaking seals and locks, tampering with meters, injury to meters, including, but not limited to, damages by hot water or steam, and damaged meter boxes, curb stops, meter stops and other appurtenances. (Ord. 131, 6-4-2014)