(a)   Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS) shall be a permitted accessory use in all zoning districts.
   (b)   Wind Energy Conversion Systems may be free standing towers with wind turbines or structure mounted wind turbines, along with associated components, that convert wind energy to electrical energy that are subject to building permits.
   (c)   The total height of a structure mounted WECS shall not exceed fifteen feet above the highest point of the roof or structure, excluding chimneys, antennae or other similar features.
      (1)   The WECS shall be attached to a roof system or portion of a structure not facing a public road unless no other option exists and shall not utilize guy wire supports.
      (2)   A licensed engineer or architect shall provide an engineering or structural analysis to demonstrate the structure meets current building code requirements.
   (d)   Free standing WECS shall not exceed a height of forty five feet provided the following conditions are adhered to:
      (1)   Setback one and one-tenth times the height of the tower measured from the top of its blade in vertical position from all adjoining property lines, easements, or rights-of-way. The WECS may only encroach the setback of an adjacent property if an easement is recorded for that purpose. Under no circumstance, shall a free standing WECS be located closer than ten feet from a property line.
      (2)   WECS shall only be permitted in the rear or side yard area provided it is further from the road right-of-way than the principle structure and shall not utilize guy wire supports.
      (3)   WECS shall not count towards lot coverage for buildings on a lot or calculated towards the total amount of accessory square footage.
      (4)   WECS installed on non-conforming buildings shall not be considered an improvement or expansion to the structure unless the building has to be structurally altered to handle the equipment.
   (e)   WECS structural plans. A building permit application for a WECS shall be accompanied by standard drawings of the wind turbine structure, including the tower, base, and footings.
   (f)   Noise. The WECS shall not cause noise or sound that exceeds fifty-five decibels at the property line and the property owner shall demonstrate compliance with the building permit application.
   (g)   Number. No more than two free standing WECS shall be permitted on a property. Roof mounted WECS may be permitted without limitation provided the roof or structure can sustain the loads based on an engineering or structural analysis.
   (h)   Aesthetics. WECS shall utilize non-reflective surfaces and neutral colors to the maximum extent feasible.
   (i)   WECS removal. The WECS owner shall advise the Village of discontinuance of the WECS use or abandonment within 60 days of such discontinuance or abandonment. Any WECS that is not operated for a continuous period of 12 months shall be considered abandoned and the owner of such WECS shall remove the same within 90 days of receipt of notice from the Village notifying the owner of such abandonment. Failure to remove an abandoned WECS within said 90 days shall be grounds for the Village to initiate enforcement action as described in Section 1262.05 .
(Ord. 2016-5. Passed 11-14-16.)