(a)   Solar Energy equipment shall be a permitted accessory use in all zoning districts.
   (b)   Solar Energy equipment may be building mounted systems, either photovoltaic or thermal panels, building integrated systems that are photovoltaic applications such as solar shingles or pole or ground mounted equipment.
      (1)   These types of systems are permitted as an accessory use to the principle use on the property.
      (2)   Building integrated systems that are attached to a roof of a structure, may extend above the roofline a maximum of four feet in height.
      (3)   Pole or ground mounted equipment shall not exceed a height of fifteen feet.
      (4)   Pole or ground mounted equipment setback requirements:
         A.   Shall be at least 5 feet from any rear or side lot line.
         B.   Equipment that is 6 feet in height or less may be placed within the front yard provided it meets the front yard setbacks for the principle building. Equipment may project into the front yard setback provided that the zoning official finds that the modification is necessary for the effective use of the equipment.
      (5)   Solar Energy Equipment shall not count towards lot coverage for buildings on a lot or calculated towards the total amount of accessory square footage.
      (6)   Solar Energy Equipment installed on non-conforming buildings shall not be considered an improvement or expansion to the structure unless the building has to be structurally altered to handle the equipment.
(Ord. 2016-4. Passed 11-14-16.)