(a)   Temporary Dwelling. No structure shall be used for dwelling purposes that does not meet the minimum standards, as defined in this Zoning Code and the Building and Housing Code. No garage or other accessory building, mobile home, cellar, basement, tent, cabin or partial structure, whether of a fixed or portable construction, shall be erected or moved onto a lot and used for any dwelling purpose for any length of time unless authorized by the Board of Appeals by the issuance of a temporary permit.
   (b)   Temporary Buildings. Temporary buildings are prohibited except in the following instances:
      (1)   Those temporary buildings which are incidental to construction work which may include “tool trailers” or “job trailers.” This would not be for on-site residence during construction, but would be an office for a larger job or a place to lock tools on-site during construction.
      (2)   Temporary buildings which serve a public or semi-public institutional use.
(Ord. 2001-8. Passed 11-12-01.)