Home occupations are permitted in the following zoning districts: A-1, R-IA, R-1B, R-1C, R-1D, R-M1 and Town Center. Except as provided in Sections1287.07, 1287.08, and 1287.09 below, permitted home occupations include all occupations which meet the purposes, standards and requirements of Sections 1287.01 through 1287.06 and include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following list of examples:
   (a)   Private instruction to not more than four students at a time, except for occasional groups.
   (b)   Day care, with six or less children, subject to State of Michigan guidelines.
   (c)   Consultation or emergency treatment by a doctor or a dentist, but not the general practice of this profession.
   (d)   Studio of an artist, photographer, craftsman, writer, composer or similar person.
   (e)   Shop of a beautician, barber, hair stylist, dressmaker, tailor or similar person.
   (f)   Homebound employment of a physically, mentally or emotionally handicapped person who is unable to work away from home by reason of their disability.
   (g)   Direct sale product distribution (Amway, Avon, Tupperware, etc.) provided that the primary function is not the wholesale or retail sale of goods on the premises.
   (h)   Typing and computing services.
   (i)   Mail-order and telephone sales.
   (j)   Office of an accountant, architect, engineer, lawyer, income tax preparer, minister, psychotherapist, counselor, consultant, tradesman, or similar professional.
   (k)   Repair of small appliances, office machines, cameras and similar items.
(Ord. 2004-2.  Passed 12-13-04.)